Become a Certified Community Interpreter via HOA

Why become a community interpreter?

Being fluent in English and one or more foreign languages may allow you to make a living by helping bridge communication between immigrants with language barriers and English-speaking professionals and service providers such as Immigration Officers, Police, Court, Medical Professionals, Schools, etc.

CILISAT Test Preparation

Being fluent in two languages is not enough to be an interpreter. We offer online preparation for taking the CILISAT Test with greater confidence, knowing what to expect, and increasing the chances of getting your certificate!

We also offer online Medical Knowledge and Terminology and Community Interpreter Training for those who wish to learn more about medical knowledge and terminology for their own professional development or to increase their knowledge and skills in interpreting protocols prior to doing a CILISAT Test to become a Certified Community Interpreter.

Once you complete the online course, you will be ready to take the final exam to become a certified community translator or interpreter.

The final exam is a two-hour online test.

To register for Community Interpreter Program and/or the Medical Training Program online training, contact us via phone at (587) 520-8921 or via email at


As a Licensed Testing Centre, HOA offers in-person and remote interpreter proficiency testing to bi- and multilingual individuals who wish to obtain a CILISAT Certificate and start a freelance career in interpretation.

For more information about CILISAT testing, we recommend you review the attached document: CILISAT Exam Preparation Guide.

To become a Certified Community Interpreter, you must pass the CILISAT Test with a minimum of 75% grade.

Ready to take on the CILISAT Test?

Book an Appointment to do the CILISAT Test in person at our main office Suite 239, Scotia 3, Tower 3, 10072, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton AB T5J 1V8.

Preparation Guide For Candidates

To assist you with your CILISAT language assessment test, we recommend you review the attached document: CILISAT Preparation Guide.

Choose the origin and destination language from/to English to/from CILISAT LANGUAGES.



    To book your spot for CILISAT Test Preparation, reserve your seat for a CILISAT Test or if you have any questions, please reach out to us via phone at (587) 520-8921 or via email at

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    Already a certified community translator or interpreter? We may have paid opportunities for you.

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    We are always looking for certified translators and interpreters fluent in English and French or one or more foreign languages.