Programs in Burundi

Education Program (ESP)

The ESP aims to empower Burundian kids and youth by providing support to access a descent education. HOA will provide school supplies, uniforms, school equipment, and other educational support to needy children attending elementary, junior & high school and University.

The youth will also receive financial literacy and entrepreneurial training in schools.

Employment & Entrepreneurship Program (EEP)

The EEP will provide support to less privileged beneficiaries to help them find jobs or create jobs by starting small businesses. They will receive s micro-loan on very competitive rates (below market interests) and free entrepreneurial training, coaching, and mentorship.

We have already financed projects such as taxi-bicycles, baking oven, and Floor Mill.

Health & Wellbeing Program

This program will provide support to needy beneficiaries to access health care and health counselling, and via promotion of health and well-being counselling and education. HOA will provide healthcare cards to selected needy beneficiaries.