Volunteer For HOA​

Volunteers are a vital part of HOA program and service delivery. Thanks to our volunteers’ dedication and commitment, HOA delivers excellent programs and services to newcomer and immigrant clients. Join our team of volunteers for opportunities to learn, network, and build work experience while making a lasting positive impact in your community by helping newcomers and immigrants integrate and succeed.

Volunteer of the Month

Celebrating Volunteers, The Backbone of HOA Success
Volunteers are the backbone of Help One Another Canada. We could never successfully deliver our programs and services to our clients without their dedication, hard work and outstanding efforts. Quarterly, Help One Another features one of our volunteers to acknowledge her/his commitment and contribution to advance Help One Another Canada’s mission.

Congratulations to Camron D Schwartz, our volunteer of the month of September 2016. His inexhaustible enthusiasm and tireless efforts have certainly contributed to our success. Despite his busy schedule, he always finds time to devote to Help One Another Canada to help immigrants succeed in Alberta and improve lives of less-privileged children and families in Burundi. Thank you very much Camron!
Volunteer of the month of September 2016: Camron D Schwartz, Ogilvie LLP (Photo of JJ handing over a Certificate to Camron)

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers with various skills and backgrounds:

lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, Commissioner for oaths / Notary Public, Fund development & Fundraising, grant research/proposal writers, marketing and social media, translators, interpreters, web/graphic designers, photographers, videographers, video creators and editors, fundraising, game creators, writers/editors/bloggers, etc.

To apply for a volunteer position, apply for a volunteer opportunity available or express an interest by filling out the volunteer application form


    Being a member of HOA is a powerful way to get involved and make a positive difference in the lives of newcomers and immigrants. For $50/year only, you become an effective member of HOA and get the following benefits:

    and much more