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Youth Opportunities

Building the next generation of young leaders, creative and innovative employees, and entrepreneurs. Via Youth Opportunities, HOA aims:

1. Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP)

This program will give opportunity to under-represented/underserved youth to learn key entrepreneurial skills to cope with life in the real world such as starting and operating a business, financial literacy (how money works), business and leadership, insurance, public speaking skills, and networking.

The YEP is designed for:

  • Would-be young entrepreneurs with genuine interest in entrepreneurship
  • Youth intrapreneurs interested in learning skills they can use to be increase productivity in the workplace if they do not the entrepreneurship world/route.
  • Youth interested in STEM.
  • Youth who own an existing business interested in growing their ventures.

Participants will have access to Training, Seminars, Conferences, Summits, Symposiums, Advice, Counselling, Coaching, Mentorship on various topics related to entrepreneurship, leadership, and professional development.

Immigrant youth will learn:

  • new ways to generate ideas, create new things or to improve existing ones through versatile games, activities, contests, presentations, workshops, field-trips, camps.
  • Start new hobbies and pursue self interests,
  • access to advice, coaching and mentorship to translate their business ideas into real businesses
  • Referral to service providers and supports that HOA doesn’t provide.

2. Youth Digital Skills Program (YOUDIS)

The YOUDIS provides training to underserved/underrepresented youth interested in improving digital skills. HOA also helps them find volunteer and internship opportunities in nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies which.

The IYODIS training program will focus on creativity, innovation, and STEM.

HOA will also support them in starting a small business if they choose self-employment as career or to find a job if they choose the route of employment.

3. Youth World Opportunities Program (YOUWO

The YOUWO aims to give to Albertan and Canadian youth opportunities to connect with youth from all over the world to discuss innovation, creativity, leadership, entrepreneurship and build an international network of like-minded youth.

Youth will from across the world will meet virtually or in-person to learn from each other via conferences, summits, pitch competitions, symposiums and build a professional network for future employment prospects and entrepreneurship opportunities.

The program will allow youth to learn about foreign business cultures and build international network and experience useful for those who will embrace international trade or employment.

This program will also empower International Students

4. Youth Education Program (YEDUP)

The YEDUP aims to empower underserved youth through tutoring and access to educational support to access a decent education by providing them with school supplies, scholarships, and other educational aid.

The program will also focus on supporting underserved youth with genuine interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). They will receive training and learning opportunities in creativity and innovation and help to find scholarships.

5. Youth Citizenship, Diversity, and Inclusion Program (YOUCIDI)

The YOUCIDI offers to underserved youth opportunities to connect and mingle with Albertan and Canadian youth to:

  • learn the value of diversity, volunteerism, and civic participation to make a lasting positive difference in local and international communities.
  • connect with resources and networks they need to achieve success, such as successful role models from their communities and outside their communities.
  • adapt to Alberta culture by learning Alberta customs and etiquette by connecting with Albertan youth to socialize and learn from each other.
  • Establish opportunities, and programs that supports interracial interactions, mental health, and social connection.
  • Encourage public and support organizations to engage and involve youth in the community decisions and initiatives.
  • Raise awareness about the benefit of youth’s contribution and participation on boards/committees.

The program will equip under-represented/underserved youth with opportunities to become responsible citizens, pursue new challenges, and gain useful work experiences that will impart transferable skills that are useful in integrating and the job market.


The LACOP aims:

  • to bridge communication gap between immigrants with language barrier and Anglophone speaking professionals and service providers through translation and interpretation services
  • The program also offers to individuals who are fluent in English and French or one or more foreign languages to become Certified Community Interpreters or Translators and make extra income as freelance translators or interpreters.


The CILISAT (Community Interpreter Language and Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool) has been developed by CISOC (Cultural Interpretation Services for Our Communities) as an interpreter proficiency exam and the minimum certification required to work as an interpreter in Canada.

The CILISAT will assess your language and interpretation skills through the following tests:

  • Interpretation from English into selected CILISAT language
  • Interpretation from selected CILISAT language into English
  • Sight translation from English into selected CILISAT language
  • Sight translation from selected CILISAT language into English

Become a Certified Community Interpreter via HOA

Why become a community interpreter?

Being fluent in English and one or more foreign languages may allow you to make a living by helping bridge communication between immigrants with language barrier and English-Speaking professionals and services providers such as Immigration Officers, Police, Court, Medical Professionals, Schools, etc.

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    CILISAT Test Preparation

    Being fluent in two languages is not enough to be an interpreter. We offer online preparation for taking the CILISAT Test with more confidence, knowing what to expect, and increasing the chances to get your certificate!

    We also offer online Medical Knowledge and Terminology and Community Interpreter Training for those who wish to learn more about medical knowledge and terminology for their own professional development or to increase their knowledge and skills in interpreting protocols prior to doing a CILISAT Test to become a Certified Community Interpreter

    Once you complete the online course, you will be ready to take the final exam to become a certified community translator or interpreter.

    The final exam is a two-hour online test.

    To register for Community Interpreter Program and/or the Medical Training Program online training, contact us via phone at 587 520-8921 or via email at

    The CILISAT Testing

    As a Licenced Testing Centre, HOA offers in-person and remote interpreter proficiency testing to bi- and multilingual individuals who wish to obtain a CILISAT Certificate and start a freelance career in interpretation.

    For more information about CILISAT testing, we recommend you review the attached document: CILISAT Exam Preparation Guide

    To become Certified Community Interpreter, you must pass the CILISAT Test with a minimum of 75% grade.

    Ready to take on the CILISAT Test?

    Book an Appointment to do the CILISAT Test in-person at HOA main office Suite 239, Scotia 3, Tower 3, 10072, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton AB T5J 1V8.

    To book your spot for CILISAT Test Preparation, reserve your seat for a CILISAT Test or if yu have any questions, please reach out to us via phone at 587 520-8921 or via email at

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    We are always looking for certified translators and interpreters fluent in English and French or one or more foreign languages.