Our Vision and Mission​

Our Vision

Working together to empower a poverty-free world.

Our Mission

HOA exists to eradicate barriers to success by strengthening global education and entrepreneurship.

Our Values



clarity is key to our success. Our mission and purpose, our beneficiaries’ needs, and our programs and the impact/benefits they produce are clearly defined, articulated, and explained. In addition, we ensure that our donors, funders, and stakeholders are kept informed and know they can ask questions and give feedback



we strive to attain our goals and promise fulfillment.



we strive to sustain the charity’s impact over the long term to perpetuate its ability to fulfill its mission through social entrepreneurship, effectiveness, collaboration, partnerships, strategic alliances, and adaptability to the perpetual changing environment.


Equity and inclusion

We strive to increase justice and fairness through equal access to services, programs, opportunities, and advancement for immigrant youth, men and women of all backgrounds and cultures. We strive to identify and eliminate (whenever we can), or advocate for elimination of barriers that prevent the full participation of immigrant youth and their families that we serve.