Our Vision

Working together towards an empowered poverty-free world.

Our Mission

HOA exists to eradicate barriers to success by strengthening education, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Empowering Underserved Youth in Canada and around the World

We are committed to building the Next Generation of Leaders in Canada and around the world. We equip youth with marketable and transferrable knowledge and skills they don’t typically learn in school to help them identify and seize existing opportunities, create their own new opportunities, or take advantage of opportunities offered by HOA, such as leadership positions on our Board of Directors, Board Committees, internships, or paid leadership positions. We also use referrals and recommendations to other organizations as ways to empower youth. We firmly believe that education, employment, and entrepreneurship are key to the success of youth, tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Programs in Alberta

Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Youth Digital Skills Program

Youth World Opportunities Program

Youth Education Program

Youth Citizenship, Diversity, and Inclusion Program

Programs in Burundi

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Corporate partnerships, collaboration, and strategic alliances allow us to amplify our impact and foster innovation, resilience, and extend reach in our efforts to make a powerful and sustainable impact in the lives of youth and their families, in Alberta, in Canada and internationally.


Partnering with us allow your organization to empower communities your company operate in, to increase credibility, exposure, and brand reputation for your organization.

Become a Certified Interpreter with us

Why become a community interpreter?


Being fluent in English and one or more foreign languages may allow you to make a living by helping bridge communication between immigrants with language barriers and English-speaking professionals and service providers, such as immigration officers, police, court officials, medical professionals, schools, etc.

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May 2023

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